Chronicles of gratitude

June 22, 2015

Family is a blessing so easily taken for granted. Thank you God for my family–they keep me grounded, happy, fulfilled. They also motivate me and bring out the best in me. I’m grateful they are happy, healthy and well. I’m thankful also for my parents and siblings. I look forward to the day we can all be together again. May God bless us with that very soon, while our parents are still healthy and well.

August 2011 | Cebu City | Photographed by Jon Unson
August 2011 | Cebu City | Photographed by Jon Unson

August 10, 2015

Monday already? That’s the usual reaction coming from a weekend we hope would last just a little bit longer. Two days are just not enough to catch up on life after finishing one busy work week, and knowing it will surely be followed by another hectic work week, and another, and another.

This feeling of perpetual exhaustion has brought me to make a conscious effort to MAKE MY WEEKENDS COUNT. And so today, on Monday, I’m grateful for a weekend bustling with activities with my family and for my family. Saturday began with a trip to the Ayala Alabang Saturday market with my boys and although we got there just before closing with most concessionaires already packing up, I’m happy to have brought home some fresh lemongrass, broccoli, cauliflower, tarragon, wansoy, lemons, lumpia ubod with chicken and shrimp instead of pork (yay!), two beautiful lapu-lapu and a pack of delicious New York bagels to boot. My son, of course found his way to the lechon stall in no time.

The rest of Saturday afternoon was devoted to my youngest and her friends who celebrated her birthday with us with a merienda of crepes, hot chocolate and a lot of laughter and kuwento. We ended the evening with an after-dinner movie at Commerce Center Alabang, which by the way is our favorite new Cinema. I love how comfy the seats are and are designed so that the person in front of you (who usually has a really large head) will now never ever block your view.

Sunday was spent in morning mass then a birthday/dessert celebration for my sister-in-law followed by a quick grocery run with my girls. I’m so thankful for coconanaph where I happily got my healthy vegan stash of kale, raw butter, extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, coconut nectar, cacao nibs, raw chocolate and turmeric–I now feel armed and ready for the work week ahead.

Thank you coconanaph for being part of our journey to a healthier lifestyle
Thank you coconanaph for being part of our journey to a healthier lifestyle. Left to right, top to bottom: Some gorgeous kale (which I would later burn in my failed attempt to make kale chips), raw butter, cacao nibs & coconut nectar 

Most of all I’m grateful for the weekend having spent time with my college boy who is off to his campus for yet another school week. Making the most of my weekend and counting my blessings during these two precious days now makes Monday easier to face–because I know that in just a few days, I will have another wonderful, fruitful weekend. Thank you Monday for giving me something to look forward to.

How do you make your weekends count? Share your thoughts by commenting here or sending me an email at (Having had such a busy weekend though, I’m most certainly looking forward to a lazy, errand-free Sunday next week.)


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