About the writer

Walking the daily working mom tight rope

Restless, anxious, and overly busy, Mawi Fojas de Ocampo wrestles daily with the challenges of the working mom’s tight rope act.

mfdo profile pic
Photographed by Paola Aseron for Style Weekend Magazine

She is admittedly a work in progress but recognizes now as the time to embrace imperfection as part and parcel of the journey to contentment. As advised by her well-loved guru, Salliji, she agrees it’s time to practice implicit faith in the Higher Power, with full acceptance and gratitude, knowing that ultimately, all is as should be and all will be well.

Through her love of writing she hopes to incite, inspire and empower. It is through creation that she hopes to find true freedom. It is in creating that she aims to experience pure peace and calm. Through creation, she is one step closer to becoming the best version of herself, to living everyday with ease and grace, despite the challenges.

Her working mom balancing act includes juggling various roles, such as but not limited to:

Wife to the funniest, most hard-working, patient, kind-hearted soul and mom to three amazing, intelligent and compassionate human beings

Daughter to a Kung Fu pilot and intense tennis player/lover

Big sister to her little brother who although has physically outgrown him and baby sister who is 15 years younger, will both always be her first babies. She’s convinced it was they who ignited her maternal instincts even during her angst-filled, self-indulgent teenage years

Friend to a few soul mates, bound either by priceless childhood experiences or sparked by an inexplicable connection that just couldn’t be ignored and had to be nurtured

Previously held positions in corporate affairs, corporate communications, marketing communications and public relations for private companies like Citibank Philippines, Landco Pacific Corporation, Belle Corporation & Highlands Prime Inc. (SM Group of Companies) among others

Formerly the Managing Editor of Working Mom magazine and then moved on as the senior group brand manager of the Metro Group of Titles, ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.

Currently the director of marketing communications and public relations for one of the Philippines’ leading hospitality management companies

On occasion acts as contributing writer for broadsheets and lifestyle magazines

Founder and Teacher, Yu Hezu the art of the bamboo wand

Online entrepreneur of lounge wear offering style and comfort (Instagram: @saunter_manila)

Photographed by Kathy Kenny Ngo

Facebook: Mawi Fojas de Ocampo

Facebook: Mothersatworkhub

Instagram: @mothersatworkhub

Twitter: @mothersatwrkhub

Email: mothersatworkhub@yahoo.com.ph

Shop on Instagram: @saunter_manila



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