My new online buddy

I recently learned that Wacoal Philippines now has a website to make shopping for lingerie and undergarments fast and easy. This is good news because as a working mom I’m always pressed for time and depend on online shopping, not just for myself but for my kids too. In fact, I’ve been putting off my lingerie shopping for weeks now because I simply didn’t have time to visit the mall. So last night after a long day at work (travelled from Manila to Batangas and back) and from the comfort of my home, right before my bamboo wand workout, I decided to check out and finally get started on my long overdue lingerie shopping. All I had to do was create an account by supplying my email address and it was pretty easy from there. Since I was in a very decisive mood and wanted to get started with my workout, I found what I needed quickly (I just went to ‘Styles’ and chose from various options like bandeaus, multi-ways and more.) I realized what I was missing from my closet is the much-needed Camibra which will go conveniently well with my on-the-go working mom wardrobe. After choosing my items I put them in my cart and proceeded to check out. It took me all of 15 minutes and I did everything on my cell phone! I Ioved that I didn’t have to to park and go to the mall! I was happy that I used the time I saved to get my bamboo wand workout done and have a nice dinner and chat with my girls. All in all I felt I had a semblance of work-life balance yesterday-despite my full busy day.



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